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Last years, the Greek SEO  became a MUST. Optimizing your website the right way ranks your website naturally at the top of the first page of Search Engine Results. Search Engine Marketing is becoming more and more important by the day. That’s why most companies start using Online Consultants. SEO Greece firms and most likely in Thessaloniki and Athens are able to make their website rank.

                                               Why is it important for your business?

SEO is the key to making your website rank at the top of the results pages. Whether you are in Greece or all around the globe. We specialize in that but doing it only in a natural and organic way, meaning affecting Google’s algorithm and ways of ranking websites without doing wrong techniques and “tricks” that may get your website penalized and taken down. Our knowledge is top leveled all over SEO Greece and worldwide.

With the competition becoming so big nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is as important as the quality of your services as a company. Imagine having your website appear at the top of the Google results pages, which means more and more people will start clicking on your website and interacting with it. That translates into more traffic, which means more potential customers that naturally results in more actual buyers. Bottom line, we will increase your business drastically and in the best way possible. This is the future of the online marketplace of all the businesses who want to expand their company.

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Search engine optimization is something that every business owner should be aware of, and do. If you have a website, then you must market it – and while social media marketing is a good starting point, and paid search or PPC advertising can be a rapid way of kickstarting your site’s success, SEO is a sustained effort that can produce sustained results.

Search engine optimization is a large and complex field. It can be hard to do by yourself, because there is so much conflicting advice out there, and there are so many potential pitfalls. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a waste of time. There are some things that you can do yourself that will make your website more search engine friendly, and there are other things that you could potentially outsource, that could increase your website’s profile in the search engines.

SEO is very important, and that is a well-known fact. Because of this, a lot of the most popular content management systems have added features to help make sites powered by them more search engine friendly, and there are plenty of plugins that do this too. These free and open source plugins, such as Yoast and the All in One SEO Pack for WordPress are things that you can download and install for free that will help to improve the technical aspects of your site – by making it easier to add meta tags.

Another thing that you should look at is how mobile friendly your site is. In relatively recent history, Google went through the ‘Mobilegeddon‘ process, putting significant penalties on sites that are hard to use on mobile devices. If your site loads slowly, the navigation isn’t touched friendly, or there are excessive ‘mobile redirects’, and your rankings will suffer.

It’s not all on-site SEO, though. There are off-site elements too. You need to have lots of incoming links for your website, from high quality related sites. You can’t get good rankings if your site is so hidden away that the search engines can’t find it. The search engines don’t know whether your site is reputable and they rely on links from other websites to act as a ‘vote’ about the quality of your content. If you sell tennis rackets, and hundreds of tennis clubs link to your site, then it’s likely that you make good products.

In the early days of Greece SEO, it was possible to earn high rankings by getting large numbers of links – regardless of where those links were from. You could get incoming links from sites that were linked directories, you could get them from forum posts or blog comments – anywhere and everywhere that allowed links was a viable source. People were spamming links everywhere they could find them, so the search engines started to pay more attention to the quality of the site, and the content.

As you can see, there’s a lot to worry about with SEO. You need links, good content, meta tags, good navigation, and fast loading sites – but if you have those things, your site will be easy to find.

                                                  What you can expect from us

We are an SEO Greece Company who provides Digital Marketing Services in Greek Cities like Patra, Larissa, Heraklion, etc. that will transform your business drastically by taking your website and flying it to the first place of Google’s results pages. Here you can expect Search Engine Specialists whom you can rely on to promote your business. Professional, friendly and more important a trustworthy environment and attitude. Working with us will make you see how important it is for your company if you want to compete in the online world and increase your business drastically. You can rest assured that Website Promotion in Greece is our expertise and we guarantee you the best SEO Services by far on the market. Feel free to navigate to our pages and keep in mind that everything starts from our Discovery page. We hope to see your application there!


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